Thursday, March 8, 2007

use PHP to create Flash charts and graphs

Do you know what's top class?
PHP/SWF Charts!!! that's what!!

Basically, you feed it info from your PHP, be it from a text file, database, whatever (use your imagination here folks) and then it makes lovely Flash charts for you!! And best of all, it's free (well, almost)
"The free, unregistered version contains all the features except for:

* Clicking a chart takes the user to the PHP/SWF Charts web site
* No displaying charts inside another flash file
* No technical support, and no product updates by e-mail"

But it's still top class.... the limitations above aren't that bad at all.
it's only $45 for a single license and with that you get a few more nice features (check the website for details)

Anyway, you can find it here

And Guess what? For once, I found this all by myself! me! yay!

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