Thursday, March 8, 2007

Dynamically resizing images {Mike Lopez}

Mike Lopez has some really good PHP tutorials on his blog.
Come to think of it he's got a great tech blog, full stop.

Here's one I find very handy for dynamically resizing images {bascially, it cuts down on bandwith and storage space by processing your images on the server end and just passing the thumbnail data to the user}
check it out here

PHP newbies - don't rush
How to setup your Apache / MySQL / PHP Development environment
Cheap Web Hosting 1
Cheap web hosting 2
Preventing Contact Form Spamming
PHP form to email script
Uploading files in PHP
Using PHP sessions
PHP Date tricks
Google Earth for Linux
How to setup samba and Autofs
Setting up Lan over internet
Orage - Mike's Calendar Tool of Choice
Really Free Ipods
Paypal Phishing
Free Cable TV via the Internet on Linux
Feedburner Wordpress plugin

he's got tons more on his blog but I didn't have time to index them all so check it out as soon as you can... unless you're not interested in this sort of stuff. but in that case, why are you even reading my blog? :-D

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