Thursday, March 8, 2007

Move over Google Desktop - here comes launchy

If you have vista you probably have no need for this as the start menu does it anyway but here goes:

Ok anybody who's heard of Google Desktop or uses it knows that it indexes all your documents and links and programs in a big database (this takes a long time initially), then when you want to find something fast you just type part of the name into Google Desktop and it finds the document or program quick-smart... However there are some debates ongoing about your privacy when you use Google Desktop. As far as I know there may be some info that gets sent back to google about your searching habits. But I've only heard rumours. I was far too lazy to research it so don't take my word for it - go check it out for yourself to be sure.

Here's the replacement ......

You can find it here

It's great... It has a funny name, it launches your documents, favourites, apps etc. and it doesn't take 50 years to index them all. You can be very specific about which folders to index (although I think that's possible also with Google Desktop) - It's better though, because at the start it only indexes the important stuff, and you can add as you need, whereas Google Desktop indexes everything by default (I think). Anyway one way or another, whether I can form coherent sentences or not, you should check it out.

As usual, 2kreative pointed this out to me. Dat fella sure finds some great stuff out dere.

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