Tuesday, September 28, 2010

WebOS 2.0 from a developer's point of view

Since HP bought Palm, I've been looking into webOS, and I have to say it's impressive. Not least from the perspective of a web developer like me.

This is because the SDK is powered by web technologies - HTML, CSS and Javascript

Here's a quick rundown:

but also you can include C or C++ libraries (plugins) with the use of the PDK so using OpenGL the creation of 3d apps and games should be a snap for any decent developer (still a bit over my head though)

So with webOS 2.0 that's coming soon, web developers will be able to write services that run on webOS devices using the node.js runtime environment.

Here are some more details on webOS 2.0:

If I had spare cash (which I don't - who does these days?) I would get me a palm device and get programming..... but then I'm still waiting for my Android device as well !!

P.S. The webOS emulator uses virtualbox so should theoretically be a lot faster than the Android Emulator which I found extremely unusable. But I haven't tried the webOS emulator yet so it's just speculation.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

our VPS is down because of wait for it..... bad luck...

"On Monday night, we had a DDoS against our London 3 site causing widespread outaging into the early hours.

As a result, the datacentre powered down a number of servers to try to alleviate the scale of the attack. But it continued into Tuesday until their network operations staff built suitable filters to clamp the incoming traffic.

Two out of nine of our UK servers are still offline with corrupted filesystems and our engineers are trying to recover as much data as possible. Unfortunately the datacentre pulled the power to the servers rather than the expected method which is to disconnect the ethernet connection.

We will continue to recover what we can from those two servers and make it availble to you. However in the interim, I recommend that we get fresh VPS's setup for you so you can restore from your most recent backup.

- Steve"