Thursday, February 22, 2007

Microsoft BSOD screensaver!!!

Microsoft taking the piss out of themselves - they made a "Blue Screen of Death" screensaver
I don't know how long ago. But this is hella funny! You can download it here

Nice vertical bar graphs with CSS and PHP

Check out a tutorial here

Gmail and Google hacks

There's a great list of utilities and hacks for gmail and google on this page:

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Multi-column output from a database with PHP

If you have large tables of info coming from a database and you're using PHP - what you need is some sort of code to format the table for you. There's code below for both horizontal and vertical multi-column output. This can be very useful in many websites.

here's the link (2kreative sent me this)

PHP - Login / Logout With Sessions

Imagine you're starting a PHP website and you want to have a member's area where your members can login and maybe upload pics / post text / whatever. Rather than ask their username + password on every single page they visit it would be best if you had them logged in for a "session", and this session would stay logged in across any pages they visit until they logout or a given maximum time limit (you need to have them log out some time for security reasons)
Anyway, PHP, being the amazing language that it is gives us tools to work with sessions and once you get used to it, this can be a great addition to your site.

Here are a few great tutorials / scripts for setting up a login + logout / members area based on sessions on your site:
as usual, props go to 2kreative for most of these links.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Another Ajax tutorial !!!!

Ok I forgot to mention good old
they have a great tutorial on AJAX here as well as the MySQL and PHP tutorials I mentioned in an earlier post. They also have great sections on HTML, CSS, Javascript, Perl, ASP, VBscript, XML, Flash and probably more to come. This site taught me PHP in no time at all. Their no-nonsense examples really helped me out.

Nice Ajax / JavaScript library

I'm lazy, so I took the following description from the home page:
"An open-source JavaScript library for creating rich internet applications. Rico provides full Ajax support, drag and drop management and a cinematic effects library."

you can access the website here