Monday, March 29, 2010

Installing Snow Leopard on a PC without a MAC (PC ONLY ISO METHOD)

Here's the guide that got me through my install,

just note that you may have to try a few different USB DVD drive combos before this will work.

I used a USB to IDE bridge thingy and an old IDE DVD drive from my work computer. Tried another IDE DVD drive from home and that didn't work for me.

also in the guide it says boot the CD, swap in snow leopard, hit F5 and then boot the snow leopard CD but the way I got it to work for me was to boot the CD, swap in snow leopard, hit ENTER on the CD icon, then it came up with an APPLE HFS thing that wouldn't load, but then I could hit F5 and that changed to "snow leopard install" or something like that, which loaded fine.

I hackintosh'd a Dell Mini 10V, and all the hardware works perfectly using the guide above (netbookCD has drivers / extensions for many of the popular netbooks)

[edit] Here are the rest of the guides - for USB installation from any OS for example


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