Friday, March 5, 2010

Creating iPhone / Android / Other Mobile Web Apps

It's a drag and drop UI creator for iPhone / iPod touch web pages - I dunno if you're into that sort of thing. Also works for creating Palm Pre apps
Soon to include the following features:

Other popular smartphone emulators (coming soon)
Blackberry Storm simulator (coming soon)
Google G1 emulator (coming soon)

more in this vein:

  • - develop apps for iPhone, android or desktop (windows,linux,mac) using only HTML and JS, the desktop version can even use Python or Ruby !!! (like Adobe Air but claims to be better)
  • - More iPhone web app development - just the animation / UI side of things, but it has some very nice effects.
Some of the above can be used to compile from web-app to an iPhone app that can be sent to App Store (but I think all compiling requires a Mac or hackint0sh)

[edit] Oh I forgot to mention - iUI - intro + download + demos

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