Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Google to launch 3D interactive Internet visor

Yes that's right folks... it seems Google have outdone Microsoft once again.
This time they've come up with some 3D goggles that present "the internet" in 3D.

To cut it short, they've created a 3d world, something like second life, called 3DLife.
In this 3dLife world, you start out in a library, with all the "books" you could need for searching apparently. but you can head out on the streets and visit places like virtual vMTV and Playstation Home
You get your own avatar and at the minute the librarian is played by Sir Ian McKellen. They're looking into getting more actors in on it and soon you should be able to create your own librarians, I'm told. But I'm told this by my over-active imagination so don't pay too much heed to that. Anyway, they're even talking about superimposing ads on your view of the city streets in America. You could be looking at a store and getting ads up about their latest deals. Or you could be looking at a museum and the goggles will give you the opening hours etc... There's even talk of integrating a GPS system and Google maps... We're starting to go into real sci-fi territory here. I'm scared. or am I? I'm not great at making decisions. or am I?

Anyway, check out a very good article here:

also check out Ms Dewey, Microsoft's sexy new search engine girl

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