Thursday, April 5, 2007

Connect ur XBOX360 to your PC without Media Centre Edition

Ok, maybe I was the only one who thought this but I was under the impression that in order to stream video and music to your XBOX360 from your PC you needed Windows XP Media Centre Edition or vista

I don't have an XBOX360 so I didn't look into it further, until now...

Apparently you can just use Windows Media Player 11 (Windows Genuine Advantage alert!!!) and share all the stuff from the library there. This is in-built into Vista and a quick download for XP.

However, for those of you who don't believe in Windows Media Player (I know I don't!) or for those of you who don't like Windows Genuine Advantage (who does?) you can download Windows Media Connect 2.0 - I found this while stumbling around as you do and there was no download link, just a readme etc. and a link to Media Player 11. Being the crafty cat I is, I quickly googled it and found it on filefront -;5479102;/fileinfo.html

So there you have it folks, it does the lot. Streams music and audio to your DMR, such as an Xbox 360 or Roku SoundBridge. It supports streaming from a seperate UNC network location. It "automatically opens the necessary ports in Windows Firewall and allows you to reset the Windows Firewall settings from within Windows Media Connect." It even supports streaming from a computer on a domain.

More info from Microsoft here

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