Monday, January 8, 2007

Using Bart’s PE Builder to Make an Anti-Spyware and Rescue CD

Ever have to clean spyware from your PC or someone elses? Wish there was a more complete way of cleaning your system from outside of Windows? Bart PE is basically a build of Windows XP that runs directly from a CD. in this manner it cannot be affected by viruses or spyware so if you add enough scanners and utilities this CD could come in very handy.

Remember this CD is definitely best created on a working, virus-free pc.

The guide is here -

props to Adrian Crenshaw for this excellent guide. I have used this guide to create BartPE cds in the past and have been very successful in cleaning viruses from all kinds of machines, from "not too sick" to "dead as a dodo". There are a lot of great addons for Bart PE - just take a look at

I always install everything Adrian recommends in the main part of his guide, plus the following extras he mentioned to my build:
HWPnP - for hardware detection post-boot.
Registry Editor PE for editing the registry a little deeper than Ad-Aware or HijackThis allows.
Eraser - for cleaning the drive of all data.
Firefox - for obvious reasons.

I also like to add Security Task Manager to the mix

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