Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Cheap + basic Nokia mobile phones (sim-free)

Do you want a very simple mobile phone (sim-free) ?
  • Black and White screen etc.
  • It can call people and send SMS and that's about it?
I found a Sim-Free Nokia 1110i - approx €43.13 here

Do you want a decent phone (sim-free)?
  • SMS
  • MMS
  • Bluetooth
  • Infrared
  • GPRS
  • Email
  • Tri-Band
  • Java
  • no camera unfortunately
I found a Sim-Free Nokia 6021 - approx €125.21 here

I used to have a 6021 - they're ok. I got one free from work. Don't expect any java program to be able to use the infrared to remote control your TV though - I found out the hard way that's only going to happen with Symbian or Windows Mobile. incidentally that's one of the reasons I went for the UBIQUIO 401 smartphone, although ironically it doesn't have Infrared at all. maybe I'm a bit mental but I just loved all the features of the 401. Except the battery life. it's worse than my ipod!!!!

I have ordered from this site before [ - in the UK] and they ship to Ireland. I've had no problems with my orders from them.
The site has an option to show approximate prices in Euro.

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