Thursday, March 6, 2008

Unattended XP install info

I probably should have blogged about this before as I have seen these websites many times but anyway, here goes.

It's possible to take your XP cd and add the latest Service pack, hotfixes, drivers, all your software, tweaks, hacked uxtheme.dll, anything you want really. Then you re-burn your new CD. It's also possible to set the CD to install automatically so you don't have to answer any questions at install time.

Ok so there's a great website at
and it has details on how to slipstream in service packs, hotfixes etc. and setup an unattended install of Windows XP.

There's also tons of drivers ( driver packs ) on this website:
that you can slipstream into your XP cd for compatibility with more systems.

There's also a blog post here about how to streamline your XP or trim out the fat:
It tells you how to use XPlite to strip out some of the unwanted stuff in XP but be careful as you may need certain things that you want to remove as something else you do want depends on the other thing... if you get me....
also XPlite is payware but there's a program that does similar work for free called nlite and it's availabe here:

if anyone has any more suggestions please comment. I don't think anyone actually reads my blog but it's handy for me to keep track of my links etc.

[edit] Oh yeah one last thing, there's a few ways to do unattended installs over the network. Microsoft RIS (I think it's called Remote Installation Service or something) is one but another probably easier way to do it is documented here:
With this system you can not only install your OS over the network but I think you can install it with all your software setup and ready to go too. don't quote me on that but have a look at the link above to find out...

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