Friday, January 4, 2008

The Ultimate Windows Tweaker (not free) - X-Setup Pro

X-Setup Pro
List of features (from the webpage):

  • Supports all Windows operating systems up to Windows Vista
  • 1.900+ hidden functions can be controlled
  • Easy to use
  • Sophisticated search functions
  • XML file format
  • All recorded changes can be applied to other machines
  • Undo changes on any OS with Restore Log
  • Extendible with additional plugins
  • With plugins for Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.
  • Automatic Updates
  • Loading a different user or computer registry.
  • For use on a bootable CD and fixing an non-working computer (BartPE)
  • Can be used from script files or other programs
  • Runs on USB sticks and U3 smart drives
  • Restore log distinguishs between user and system
  • Supports Roaming Profiles
  • SDK freely available

get it at

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