Thursday, December 21, 2006

Christmas Acquisitions

It seems every year I spend more and more. more on everybody and more on myself. I don't mind spending money on presents for people but I keep collecting more and more gadgets that I'll never find time to use. This year, so far, I have got (for myself):

1. The Nintendo Wii
It's uber. Nuff said. Didn't do any softmods yet but just you wait.

2. A Ubiquio 401 Phone (aka Gigabyte G-Smart)
Check it out here
Nice review here

3. A Sony PSP
We all know about these little things (with similar power to the PS2 no less). As usual I had to hack it to do things like homebrew software etc.

I had Firmware version 2.6 so I used this guide - this enables me to do lots of things.

For example, pimpstreamer now allows me to stream video and audio to my PSP over Wi-fi and I can run emulators too. The whole shihbang!!!

4. Motorola HT820 Headset
Well I needed a bluetooth headset so I figured why not get a decent one? At least I can listen to my ipod with this set. or any audio source for that matter. They support A2DP (yay another acronym) - so that's me sorted. I can use them with my PC and even with my new phone. So now I can use skype all around the house wirelessly and without having to hold up a gonky receiver to my head. It's CLASS!!!!!! check it out here

I suppose this is just the beginning of a gadget addiction. But I'm sure I'll figure out a way to beat it.

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