Thursday, November 30, 2006

Free portable apps for U3 or non U3 thumb drives

I'm not going to get into the "U3 or Not U3 that is the question" debate. I own one myself but just because it was cheap. anyway you can check out the benefits and criticisms over at

Now back to my segment. You can get free portable apps for the U3 here:

Includes portable Firefox (extensions can be installed, bookmarks are remembered etc.), portable, portable VLC media player, portable Sage, Thunderbird, XAMPP and loads more.

check out the list at

If you don't have a U3 but want similar functionality check out these sites below:

[non - U3 apps but they will run from any folder so just copy them onto your U3 they don't mess with the registry]

[more apps that you don't need a U3 for - 143 apps in this guy's collection, even has a Pstart menu interface so you don't need to buy a U3.]

[edit - added on 1st December]
There are a tonne more links on this page to portable software for USB memory sticks.

oh by the way a Linux version of U3 is in the works. I wonder how many Linux heads would want this. Any comments?

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